TLS 2017 | Impressions

 Transcultural Leadership Summit 2017

Learning about Sub-Saharan Africa

We have experienced an conference of two days full of amazing keynotes, exiting workshops and insightful conversations with our about 200 participants and speakers from Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. With the great support of our main sponsor Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG and our other sponsors, this was made possible. We are thankful to all the fantastic people who took the opportunity to explore transculturality and and learn Sub-Saharan Africa with us. When students, professionals and scientists from different countries all brought together their very own perspective on things, we truly experienced the ‘diversity of diversity’ transculturality is all about. We are happy to show you our impressions of the Transcultural Leadership Summit 2017. Enjoy!!

If you are interested in some of the keynotes from last year, you can have a look at them here: