Marketing & Communication

Meet the communication team!
Their work ranges from social media and website management to the creation of posters, flyers and booklets. Furthermore, it’s also their job to inform and inivite many students, professionals and experts to the TLS 2019. Cornelis Kayser, Marlena Hallhuber, Henry König, Dominik Feiden and Katharina Hahn will keep you updated before, during and after the event, so stay curious – you’ll love what we’ll be announcing in the coming months!


Meet the event body!
No matter whether it’s a student, a professional, an expert or a speaker, Emma Hofste, Maya Geiß, Marie Wellstein and Mia Wolfsdörfer are responsible for the well being of every attendee along with organising the event, which will take place at the ZF campus of Zeppelin University again. Their creative concept will ensure an amazing summit that we couldn‘t be more excited for.


Meet the content team!
With ambitious ideas for Europe and it’s multiculturalism, they have managed to set up a diverse range of speakers from the fields of culture, business and leadership along with organising gripping workshops. Marie Schönfels , Jessica Britzwein, Frederick Busch, Josephine Jüde, Marius Kieninger, Jana Schmitz und Charlotte Schneider-Reuter do their very best to get the most amazing input about Europe for you and we owe them many thanks.


Meet our finance team!
It’s all about the numbers. Thanks to Henry König and Anselm Heller, who keep an eye on our expenses, the excel stays in balance.

Organisational Head
Student Leaders

Meet our head!

Last but not least, our dynamic duo, who is in charge of the general organization, in permanent contact with the LEIZ and keeping the whole team together: Laura Trattner and Kirsti Grund. Nothing at the TLS would run without these two and we are incredibly thankful. Cheers!