TLS 2022 | Why Future Perspectives on Transcultural Leadership?

The future is unpredictable. Increasing complexity of global value creation, climate change, pandemics, wars, and many other factors radically challenge our way of living, cooperating and leading. They undermine traditional visions of the future that we rely on in order to plan, feel secure and gain the confidence to invest in tomorrow.

Transcultural leadership and cooperation must take on the challenges of a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), and actively shape the futures by establishing new connections and developing commonalities across different cultures. During our Summit, we therefore want to discuss: Where does transcultural leadership stand now? What challenges and opportunities do leaders and organizations face in a VUCA world? How can new visions of leadership contribute to a more sustainable and ecological future? How can we create a more equal world and include missing voices for the futures? How can we create resilient business models and governance structures, fit for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century? What do we want the future of transcultural leadership to look like? How can we improve current leadership development (in organizations, in education, etc.)? Regardless of what the answers to these questions may be, one thing is certain: global challenges and opportunities can only be met by transcultural cooperation and dialogue.

Future perspectives on transcultural leadership and cooperation enable us to critically reflect our assumptions about the future, to free ourselves from preconceived notions and to discover new visions of the future.

What to expect:

On the first day of the Summit (10th of November 2022), we will lay the groundwork for our exploration of the futures by evaluating where transcultural leadership stands now and why there is a need to discuss and rethink our future(s). We will explore trends and current discussions on transcultural leadership and cooperation. Keynotes and panel discussions with leading experts and executives will give our participants the opportunity to engage in discussions and widen their knowledge.

On the second day (11th of November 2022), we invite our participants to join a Futures Literacy Laboratory on transcultural leadership and cooperation. Futures Literacy Laboratories (FLL) are designed to empower the participants to make their unconscious assumptions about the future visible. In the different stages and activities during this interactive process, the participants will codesign alternative visions of the futures.

In this way, the method and objectives of the FLL reflect the spirit of the transcultural approach to foster mutual learning and to develop new shared meanings across cultures. We are excited to connect students and professionals from all our network partners to engage in this unique learning journey.