Mission & Vision

Global value creation, cross-border innovation and global HR are just some of the topics that define the increasingly complex challenges of leading a business in today’s world. To meet these challenges, corporations and their leaders need to develop the willingness to cooperate, the capacity to define globally-shared values, and the ability to formulate cultural commonalities.

Herein the concept of transculturality which, at its most basic level, emphasizes the recognition and relation of cultural differences and similarities, will contribute to the development of industry-wide solutions, the daily practice of organizations, and the development of global business leaders. TLS is a summit designed for both the conceptualization of new challenges of leadership, and the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas by leading executives from diverse backgrounds.

The Transcultural Leadership Summit represents an information platform to deepen participants’ cultural knowledge and to foster mutual understanding. An unique feature for that case is the annually changing country focus, making every summit an event to be discovered anew.