TLS 2021 | Why Southeast Asia?

Why Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia (SEA), larger than the European Union by area and population, is home to eleven countries and more than 650 million people. The distinct cultural, economic, and political flavour of the different countries makes SEA extremely diverse and complex but also to one of the fastest growing regional economies in the world.

According to the Indonesian-born Singaporean historian, sinologist, and writer Wang Gungwu. Southeast Asia has benefitted from its unique openness to external influences and the willingness to pick and adopt different values from foreign cultures.

The adaptability and flexibility of SEA seem to be commensurate with the increasing complexity and rapidly changing environment that globalisation has shaped. Given the cultural and linguistic diversity of the ASEAN region, it is virtually impossible to do business in this region without crossing national or language borders. This vibrant, dynamically developing region is connected by leaders who strive to solve cross-border issues as well as contribute to their local communities.

Hence, the region represents both opportunities and challenges, and it is gaining increasing importance.

Against this backdrop, it seems vital to place greater attention on the region and to learn from and with experts from SEA at this year’s Transcultural Leadership Summit.

Reasons to attend:

  • Learn more about one of the most dynamically developing regions in the world
  • Receive unique insights about transcultural leadership and cooperation in SEA
  • Deepen your knowledge through interactive workshops with experts from SEA
  • Network with experts, professionals, and students from all around the world