TLS 2022 | Agenda

This year’s Transcultural Leadership Summit will take place on November 10 and 11, 2022 as a hybrid and decentralized event. Due to the time difference, the summit will take place from 13.15 pm to 17.30 pm (CET).

Day 1 | November 10 | Local events & Online

Join our local events at Zeppelin University in Germany, HFU Business School in Germany, the University of Pretoria in South Africa, the University of Lodz in Poland, and at FGV EAESP in Brazil.

13.15 pm (CET)

Moderators: Elma Akob & Tobias Grünfelder

🎉Welcome address
Dr. Thelse Godewerth, Rolls-Royce Power Systems                                Prof. Dr. Klaus Mühlhahn, President of Zeppelin University

13.30 pm

💡Keynote: Futures Literacy and Diversity – Integrating Crisis Learning
Dr. Njeri Mwagiru: Senior Futurist at the Institute for Futures Research (IFR) at Stellenbosch University 
💡Keynote: Transcultural leadership and regio-global networks
Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland: Director of Zeppelin University´s Leadership Excellence Institute
💡Keynote: Leadership in culturally complex situations
Dave Snowden: Founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge

14.30 pm

💬 Panel discussion: Leading towards Participatory Futures

Panel speaker:
* Eva Kwamou Feukeu: Facilitator, researcher and future literacy expert
* Dr. Bayo Akomolafe: Philosopher, writer, activist, professor of psychology, and executive director of the Emergence Network
* Prof. Dr. Tomasz Kamiński: Associate professor at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Lodz

15.30 pm

☕ Break and Networking (Coffee, Cake and Culture)

16.00 pm

💬 Panel discussion: Leading towards Sustainable Futures

Panel speaker:
* Fernanda Carreira: Head of the Education for Sustainability Program at FGVces (Brazil)
* Prof. Tawana Kupe: Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Pretoria (South Africa)
* Julius Palm: Head of Strategy and Brand at the sustainable food brand followfood (Germany)

17.00 pm

💡Interview: Leadership & Imagineering
Prof. Dr. Jörg Metelmann: Associate professor of Culture and Media Studies at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)

17.30 pm

End of Day 1

Day 2 | November 11 | Online

13.15 pm (CET)

🎉Welcome & Magical opening
Magic: Rubens Filho | Moderators: Elma Akob & Tobias Grünfelder 

13.30 pm

💡Futures Literacy Laboratory on Transcultural Leadership
Facilitator: Dr. Stefan Bergheim and Lena Tünkers

Please make sure to join the laboratory from the beginning. The laboratory will include breaks.

More information about the laboratory you can find here 

17.15 pm

💡Closing remarks

17.30 pm

End of Day 2