TLS 2018 | Brazil – Impressions


New challenges of leadership

Transcultural Leadership Summit channels synergies between different types of leadership based on building a better understanding of transculturality and the definition of globally shared values.

High ranking speakers and participants

With its unique approach of bringing together personalities of diverse backgrounds and its commitment to interdisciplinarity, the summit contributes to the formulation of global and industry-wide solutions.

Annually changing regional focus: Brazil

The Transcultural Leadership Summit 2018 addresses topics such as solutions for the globalization of value chains, urbanism and its potential, success stories of start-ups and of political and societal initiatives, as well as investment and cooperation opportunities for foreign agents and stakeholders. Thus, we aim to contribute towards global leadership skills and the management of diversity for successful transcultural cooperation.

With this year’s focus on Brazil, we want to center our attention on this region’s dynamically growing future markets and rapidly changing societal and political developments, both of which face the challenges of integrity in today’s social order. It is this coalescence that we aim to explore.

The summit represents an information exchange platform, providing participants with in-depth insights into matters relevant to the region in focus.

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