Why Europe?

What if we considered Europe to be a dynamic network of value creation?
What if we learned from successful cooperation projects that cross borders?
What if business, politics and civil society defined new concepts of Europe together?

What if leadership contributed to rethinking Europe in this manner?

In our view, it is crucial to introduce a new, different and transcultural perspective on Europe and its potentials to become an outstanding hub of value creation and economic, social and cultural cooperation. The continent has seen centuries of reciprocal development, exchange and cooperation, and these changes have not yet come to an end and are not likely to in the near future. It is our aim to risk a fresh look at a familiar topic and to ask questions in a way that they have never been asked before.


As the American sociologist, Robert E. Park, wrote back in 1928:


“In the long run, (…), peoples and races who live together, sharing in the same economy, inevitably interbreed, and in this way if in no other, the relations which were merely
co-operative and economic become social and cultural.”
Like Park, we believe that the base and key driver for the evolution of transcultural relations is the economy, linking spaces and creating networks, thereby deeply influencing society in multiple ways. At the Transcultural Leadership Summit 2019, we will consider how networks of value creation transform communities and borders, politics and values, civil society and culture. Furthermore, we will evaluate how agents of business, politics and civil society work together to form new approaches and concepts of Europe. We will have the courage to challenge the claim of so-called “European values”, and rather focus on communities of practice that guide the way towards creating new commonalities. Actually, modern-day Europe is probably one of the most fascinating projects when it comes to transnational cooperation and illustrates what “sharing our world”, as proclaimed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, means in daily life.

We are excited to be able to use this occasion to bring together high-profile speakers from all over Europe and, together, take a closer look at the manifold opportunities that transcultural leadership holds for Europe today and the potential it can provide for its future. Let us follow the links that connect Europe, inspiring each other and learning from one another.

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